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Rick Saenz

Leading with integrity and conviction…

Rick is a “big picture” thinker focused on creating long term strategic partnerships and sustainable intrinsic value.  He is a well-rounded executive with over almost 30 years in the apparel industry and has an exceptional understanding of our entire business.  He is a high-energy individual committed to providing unparalleled service, maintaining exceptional client relationships, and elevating the brand name and reputation of our high-profile retailers, strategic partners and, of course, Stony and its brands.



Doris Kaparis
Sr Vice President Global Sourcing/Production

Doris emigrated from Hong Kong to attend school in the US at the age of 13.  Upon graduating, she began government work, which she found very boring, although it was thru that government work that she met her husband.  Since then, her career in product development and production has allowed her a chance to see the beautifully diverse world from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Vietnam and India.  After 15 years with Stony Apparel, she views her team as an extension of her family. 

Sarah Van Zee

Though she was born in Hong Kong Sarah has lived in Southern California for over 40 years.  She worked in several different industries before starting in apparel well over 20 years ago.  Sarah has been incredibly successful having held multiple roles of increased responsibilities over her illustrious career starting in logistics and advancing through leadership roles in development, production, supplier support, and now is COO of Stony Apparel.


Tony Millar


Tony began his career as a Chartered Accountant (UK equivalent of CPA) in Scotland.  Upon landing a coveted position with Moss Adams, he was excited to move to Los Angeles. Tony spent years with XOXO and more recently has worked on Private Equity transactions.  As a previous Stony team member, we were excited to get him back in 2019!   He is a man of few words, a motorcycle enthusiast and says he was “born for social distancing!” 


Anne Farrell
Sr Vice President- Sales/Merchandising

Anne Farrell is a merchandising leader with over 20 years of experience in the retail industry.  Throughout her career, Anne has excelled at identifying consumer trends and market white space ideas, and she enjoys building strategies and high-performing teams to maximize business opportunities.  She is obsessed with creating beautiful products that consumers love.  She is also passionate about sustainability and deeply driven to be an agent for real, meaningful change in the apparel industry.  Anne is exactly the type of merchant and leader that we desired to partner with to strategically position Stony for continued growth and success.

Leslie Knipp
Vice President of Design

Leslie is a creative powerhouse with over 20 years of design leadership experience in increasingly complex roles.  She had led significant organizational transformation through strategic creative insights that have earned her recognition as an industry leader and disrupter.  Leslie is both an amazing leader and mentor to her very talented Stony team leading in all aspects of design, graphic and product development.   The foundation of Stony Apparel rests upon its creativity and innovation and we are extremely privileged to partner Leslie at the creative helm.


Les Farmer

Director of Distribution





Les was born and raised in Southern California and has been in the apparel industry for over 30 years.  He has extensive experience in distribution in managing both 3PL’s and brands, such as, Paige Denim, 7 Jeans and Koral.  Les knew at the beginning of his career that he wanted to manage a team because he knew he could do this thru mutual respect.  He has been an integral part of the Stony team for over 10 years now.  An avid golfer, Les is always ready to represent Stony in a charity tournament!

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